What is the dress code?


I have to miss part of the day. 

We encourage you to be in attendance for the entirety of the event. However, if you have a valid reason for arriving late or leaving early, please be courteous when entering or exiting the venue during presentations.

I have been assigned a poster presentation. Where do I go and how do I pay for it? 

Please refer to our poster presentation guide for how to create a poster and have it printed out. Payment for the posters should be arranged through your advisor. If you are unable to acquire funding, please contact Spencer Muse (muse@ncsu.edu).

If you have other questions, please contact one of the following GSA Representatives: 

Genomic Sciences President: Hayden Brochu (hnathan@ncsu.edu)

Biomathematics President: Evan Curcio (ejcurcio@ncsu.edu)